8th Investment Forum (2015) Tarnów, Poland 7-8 September 2015

8th Investment Forum (2015) Tarnów, Poland 7-8 September 2015

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The Forum will be attended by about 300 guests: investors from Poland and East-Central Europe, as well as representatives of governments and parliaments, responsible for the processes of privatization in Central Europe.
  • two days of debates and meetings with business representatives, as well as prominent economists and representatives of government of Poland  and other countries, and the European Union
  • Inaguration Session 
  • Thematic Blocks, reports, lectures, presentations, discussion panels
  • Award Ceremony for Investor and Investment of the Year of East-Central Europe

Programme framework

 Plenary Session:
  • Financing of the economy, how to secure growth of another decade?

Report Presentation:

  • 25 years of privatization report of the Ministry of Treasury

New Economy:

Key ICT trends- how to make use of them in business?

  • Internet of Things- influence on business
  • Very BIG DATA- growing importance of data
  • Cloud computing

e- Health: 

Different faces of telemedicine
  • Effective networking solutions for medical facilities
  • Telemedicine- case study
  • Computerization of health


Bioeconomy- presentation of various perspectives
  • European Federation of Biotechnology
  • Vanguard Initiative
  • Biotechnology in the Baltic Sea Region

Enterprise 4.0:

  • B2B
  • Brand building in social media
  • Startups vs. corporations. Why they cannot exist without each other?

Panels, Discussions, Worskshop, Presentation:

  1. What qualities does contemporary capitalism need?
  2. Market or the State- how to stimulate innovation?
  3. The role of the business and its importance to the local community. How can industry have a positive impact on the local environment?
  • Good transformation practices of industrial monocultures of Podkarpacie region and economic development with the use of special instruments and economic zones, science and technology parks.




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