For years, the European countries were convinced that they had achieved the absolute level of security. However, the crisis in Ukraine and the tensions in relations with Russia on the one hand, as well as frequent terrorist attacks and the rising power of the Islamic State on the other, proved just how wrong this belief was. Taking into account the current geopolitical situation the issues of security and defence are gaining in importance in the international debate.
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The Forum will be attended by about 300 guests: investors from Poland and East-Central Europe, as well as representatives of governments and parliaments, responsible for the processes of privatization in Central Europe.
  • two days of debates and meetings with business representatives, as well as prominent economists and representatives of government of Poland  and other countries, and the European Union
  • Inaguration Session 
  • Thematic Blocks, reports, lectures, presentations, discussion panels
  • Award Ceremony for Investor and Investment of the Year of East-Central Europe
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