Usługi prawnicze na Białorusi

Usługi prawnicze na Białorusi

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Our company was founded as BKS-Law Ltd. in 2009 by a team of highly qualified lawyers with extensive and diverse experience in the field of law. Due to the participation of our company in international network of Customs & Corporate Lawyers presented in 7 jurisdictions rebranding was made. Today Customs & Corporate Lawyers Belarus is represented by 4 professional lawyers, 1 licensed advocate and more than 350 clients who receive legal services at the highest level during 6 years of our productive work.

Our Lawyers have deep professional knowledge of foreign economic, customs, tax, labor and civil law. Inter alia, knowledge skills and experience enable our specialists to carry out a full analysis of the current activities of a particular company (Due Diligence) and to make consulting on current organizational, legal and financial projects. Participation in the international affiliate network allowed to bring the client service to a new level, operatively provide high quality services to support projects beyond the borders of their national jurisdiction, applying new approaches, increasing the efficiency of the service, keeping a personal touch with each client. High standards of service and focus on results are deservedly appreciated by our clients, among them there are such companies as Nokia and many other. In addition we closely work and have joint projects with our foreign counterparts, such as Capital Legal Services International LLC and Eversheds LLP as well as participate in UNDP projects.

Areas of Activity

  • Legal services:
  • Accompaniment of industrial and economic activities of an enterprise;
  • Issues of government regulation and economic activity management.


  • Judicial representation;
  • Issues on opening of the inheritance.


  • Corporate Law
  • Creation, reorganization, liquidation of economic entities or representative office; M&A (incl. Due Diligence);
  • Preparation of founding documents for economic entities, including foreign investment.

Contract Law

  • Legal provision in conclusion, execution and termination of agreements;
  • Consultation, preparation of texts for commercial agreements;
  • Commercial arbitration and mediation.

Judicial disputes

  •  Preparation of claims, plaint notes;
  •  Assistance in recovery receivables and penalties;
  •  Litigation in  common  and economic courts.

Labor Law

  • Elaboration of a full package of internal regulations;
  • Preparation of employment contracts and agreements;
  • Counseling on current issues.

Customs law

  • Disputes on the procedure of goods` movement across the customs border of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with HS Code of the CU;
  • Removal of arrests, recovery and reduction of customs duties;
  • Drafting of the foreign economic contracts;
  • Representation of clients` interests on the issues of customs disputes in state agencies and courts.

Investment Activity

Due to the increasing number of requests for legal assistance in support of investment projects by foreign investors, we have developed a large package of services for investors, including such services as:

  • monitoring of a particular branch;
  • legal analysis of a company;
  • consultation on companies` organization, representative offices and branches;
  • development of the conditions of staff hiring;
  • commercial consultations and making conclusions on the issues of trading activities (conditions of
  • trade, competition aspects, contracts and etc.)


We are always ready to defend your rights and legitimate interests of the third parties including state agencies. The company`s lawyers have professional knowledge of foreign economic, customs, taх, labor and civil legislation, are successfully evaluated by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus. Specialists of the Customs & Corporate Lawyers Bel LLC work on the legal services market since 2000 and are ready to provide a range of professional services in the field of law and financial analysis. Support of investment projects, labor and tax law, commercial disputes,  taх and financial consulting, comprehensive business evaluation – this is what we can offer, quickly and efficiently fulfil with the maximum priority of your interests.


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